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Delicious, versatile, fresh gourmet sauces inspired by travel and adventure.

Gluten Free • Dairy Free • Vegan

Piquant red pepper, garlic, and almond sauce originating from Catalonia

Seductive smoky roasted peppers and paprika, with a playful pinch of garlic and chile. Perfect for dipping, tapas, fish & meat sauces, frittatas or omelets, spreading on sandwiches, or saucí experimenting!

Originating from Tarragona in Catalonia, this popular sauce was born of a mortar and pestle to accompany the catch of the day. But the secret is out, and we know as well as the Catalonians that it’s great on everything!

What’s in our Saucí Romesco:

roasted red peppers*, roasted tomatoes*, extra virgin olive oil*, almonds, sherry vinegar, garlic, smoked paprika, chili, salt, parsley.

* organic

(less than 1% organic cultured dextrose)

Vibrant and zesty Ají Verde sauce, a twist on a Peruvian classic

Lively, tangy, herbaceous and spicy, with a slightly sweet finish… our bold twist on Peruvian-inspired Ají Verde sauce blends cilantro and ají amarillo with citrus and spices, and is perfect on roast chicken, fish, meat or veggies, tacos of all kinds, to dress up salads, sandwiches, breakfast bowls, or for dipping!

Throughout Peru, you’ll find a delicious, bright, spicy green sauce. Probably dating back to the Incan “uchu”, this marvel of a sauce centers on the special Ají Amarillo, with a constellation of fresh ingredients that blend perfectly into your new best friend.

What’s in our Saucí Verde:

water, almonds, cilantro*,  jalapeño*, onion*, extra virgin olive oil*, lime juice*, lemon juice*, coconut sugar*, ginger*, garlic, ají amarillo, white wine vinegar, salt.

* organic

(less than 1% organic cultured dextrose)

Aromatic Asian-inspired ginger scallion sauce

Zesty, woody fresh ginger meets savory scallions, tangy lime, nutty sesame oil, with a hint of salty sweetness. This delightful Asian-style sauce elevates everything from noodles and rice, to seafood, chicken, pork, steak, veggies, omelettes, and more

A re-interpretation of a traditional southeast asian condiment, this adds blended cashews to some new flavor layers which make the magic happen.

What’s in our Saucí Gin+Scal:

water, cashews, scallions*, e.v. olive oil*, ginger*, rice vinegar, garlic, coconut sugar*, coconut aminos*, salt, limejuice*, sesame oil, orange zest*

* organic

(less than 1% organic cultured dextrose)