Anytime Meal

Penne with Saucí Romesco and Chorizo

Romesco isn’t normally a pasta sauce, but it packs a wallop of flavor so it makes a simple pasta jump out of the bowl! The chorizo and scallion garnish are a nod to the Catalonian roots of Romesco sauce.

Pizza Romesco!

Home-made pizza is a wonderful treat, fun for everyone, and infinitely variable with delicious toppings. Saucí Romesco adds some depth and flavor to the sauce, the toppings are up to you!

Saucí Romesco Tomato Soup

Saucí Romesco adds some complexity and layers to what is already a divine tomato soup. Six ingredients, and almost not prep work. It is rich, warming in the winter and frankly would make a lovely cold soup in the summer.

Egg Casserole with Saucí Romesco

Easy, delicious make-ahead breakfast, snack or meal. This is like an even easier version of a Frittata or Spanish Tortilla, it can be made low-carb, vegetarian, or just about any way you like, the endless variations keep it interesting.

Rosemary Chicken Romesco

Since we always have Saucí Romesco on hand, this is a dinner we whip up often. It’s easy, delicious, and yet wonderfully complex.

Saucí Verde Dressing

Saucí Verde can be easily modified into a wonderful dressing for salads. It’s able to hold up and complement the strong bite of arugula, but is also great on a spinach or mixed-green salad.

Sandwiches and dipping

Need to liven-up a turkey sandwich? Or a party dip to impress your guests? Saucí has you covered, and it’s the easiest recipe of all: open a jar and spoon it out!

Poached Egg Breakfast

There are a lot of egg recipes that are perfect for Saucí Romesco, but we wanted to give a little nod to how good Saucí Verde is with eggs too!