Sandwiches and dipping

Yield: 1 to many serving

Time: 1 minute

Need to liven-up a turkey sandwich? Or a party dip to impress your guests? Saucí has you covered, and it’s the easiest recipe of all: open a jar and spoon it out!

It seems so obvious it’s hardly worth mentioning, but besides all the impressive and wonderful recipes we have, both our Saucí jars make great spreads or dips.

Sandwiches benefit greatly from a schmear of Saucí Romesco or Saucí Verde… use your own taste and judgement. For example, turkey can get a treatment from either sauce depending on your mood. In the picture above, I’ve made up a Caprese Sandwich alternative using Saucí Romesco instead of tomatoes.

Try using a small bowl of each sauce as a dip for veggies, warm pita triangles, chips or small crostini,and I bet you get a conversation-starter!

One of my favorites is to slice up a baguette, lightly toast it, top it with some shavings of Manchego cheese and then a dollop of Saucí Romesco. It’s a perfect pairing of Catalan flavors! I’ll post that one separately, since it’s so good…


  • Any number of dipping foods: veggies, pita or bread, chips, etc
  • Your favorite sandwich, minus the usual condiment
  • Saucí Romesco
  • Saucí Verde



  1. Spoon out some Saucí Romesco and Saucí Verde into two small bowls
  2. Put out your dipping foods, stand back and let your family or guests dive in.


  1. Prepare your favorite sandwich, but leave out the condiments
  2. Spread some Saucí Verde or Saucí Romesco on the bread and taste your lunch transformed!

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