Saucí Verde


Vibrant and zesty Ají Verde sauce, a twist on a Peruvian classic

Lively, tangy, herbaceous and spicy, with a slightly sweet finish… our bold twist on Peruvian-inspired Ají Verde sauce blends cilantro and ají amarillo with citrus and spices, and is perfect on roast chicken, fish, meat or veggies, tacos of all kinds, to dress up salads, sandwiches, breakfast bowls, or for dipping!

Throughout Peru, you’ll find a delicious, bright, spicy green sauce. Probably dating back to the Incan “uchu”, this marvel of a sauce centers on the special Ají Amarillo, with a constellation of fresh ingredients that blend perfectly into your new best friend.

What’s in our Saucí Verde:

water, almonds, cilantro*,  jalapeño*, onion*, extra virgin olive oil*, lime juice*, lemon juice*, coconut sugar*, ginger*, garlic, ají amarillo, white wine vinegar, salt.

* organic

(less than 1% organic cultured dextrose)



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