Saucí Verde Dressing

Saucí Verde can be easily modified into a wonderful dressing for salads. It’s able to hold up and complement the strong bite of arugula, but is also great on a spinach or mixed-green salad.

Sandwiches and dipping

Need to liven-up a turkey sandwich? Or a party dip to impress your guests? Saucí has you covered, and it’s the easiest recipe of all: open a jar and spoon it out!

Poached Egg Breakfast

There are a lot of egg recipes that are perfect for Saucí Romesco, but we wanted to give a little nod to how good Saucí Verde is with eggs too!

Tuna or Hummus with Saucí Romesco

Mix Saucí Romesco with tuna and a little yogurt or artisianal mayo to make a sandwich spread or appetizer. Saucí Romesco is a dream compliment for humus too!

Beyond Meat Burgers with Saucí Verde

Beyond Meat burgers are delicious and are as perfect with Saucí Verde as a regular burger. Cutting carbon footprint, kindness to animals, heart-health… whatever your reasons, this is a fantastic meal.

Romesco Breakfast #2

Companion to the last recipe post… while my cast iron pan was tied up in the oven, I made up an omelette with the same ingredients to show how good it is either way!

Romesco Breakfast #1

We all know eggs are for any time of the day. Baked egg dishes are delicious and easy to make, with unlimited variations!

Breakfast Bowls #1

A variety of textures and flavors, and easy to make, this is a healthy and hearty breakfast (or anytime-meal) that’s a sure win. We eat these all the time at home and vary up the ingredients to keep it interesting, although it’s something we could eat every day as-is also.